posted 05.26.2020
Our nation’s older adults who fall prey to elder abuse remain largely unrecognized and uncared for. Why? Read More
posted 05.22.2020
Although one might presume that a reservation—which is its own land, with its own rules—might be sheltered from a virus, the reality is that due to economic conditions, working-age reservation residents must travel outside to border towns for work. Read More
posted 05.21.2020
People ages 65-plus comprise two out of five hospitalizations and eight out of 10 deaths related to the virus. Nursing homes residents account for only 0.15 percent of the population but represent one-third of COVID-19 deaths.  Read More
posted 05.21.2020
The Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act is endorsed by AARP; the Elder Justice Coalition; American Society on Aging; and the National Adult Protective Services Association.  Read More
posted 05.21.2020
The unprecedented scale of Skyline’s collapse brought attention to the long-standing issue of who owns and who manages facilities and whether they are qualified and competent to do so. Read More
posted 05.20.2020
"Why did you not tell anyone after discovering that you had been defrauded?” The answer was eerily consistent. “I would rather lose that money than run the risk of being placed into a nursing home.” Read More


posted 04.08.2020
In recent days ASA has joined with hundreds of nonprofit service and advocacy organizations across the country to urge broad Federal support for the nonprofit community. U.S. nonprofits are not only providers of crucial services and support for vulnerable populations, but are also key employers… Read More
posted 04.08.2020
On April 8, the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO), a coalition of more than 70 national organizations in aging services and policy, sent a 17-page letter to Capitol Hill legislative leaders outlining a comprehensive range of measures to better prepare the nation for dealing with the… Read More

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