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Ageism Awareness Day

Ageism Awareness Day is October 7


Ageism Awareness Day is an opportunity to draw attention to the existence and impact of ageism in our society and how we can reframe aging in our communities.

Tackling ageism is one of ASA’s strategic priorities. That is why ASA’s Ageism & Culture Advisory Council, which is leading initiatives in this area, relies upon member input to reframe how we talk about aging and older people in a society where ageism is pervasive. To that end, these volunteer member leaders have developed a variety of tools for our members to use as we combat ageism in our communities on Ageism Awareness Day.

For Ageism Awareness Day 2023, we compiled the following list of resources and templates to help individuals advocate.






ASA Is Promoting Age Inclusion in America

One of the most widespread and socially accepted forms of prejudice—ageism—is defined by the World Health Organization as “the stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) towards others or oneself based on age.” ASA is committed to tackling ageism and driving age inclusion.

Check out the following ways we are actively working to promote age inclusion and advocate against ageism.


A Guide for Age-Inclusive Imagery

Age-inclusive imagery in advertising and marketing helps to reframe the way that we all think about aging. This guide on creating age-inclusive imagery, created in partnership with Shutterstock, will help you in selecting and creating more age-inclusive content in your own promotional materials. We have also created a curated image and video library of age-inclusive content for you to use in your work.





Advocacy at ASA

Learn more about ASA’s work to combat ageism through our advocacy efforts.






Age-Inclusive Stories in the Legacy Interviews

The Legacy Interviews allows us to learn from our past as we plan for a more age-inclusive future. Featuring in-depth conversations with diverse pathfinders who have spent decades in the fields of aging, health and social services and hosted by Ken Dychtwald, the Legacy Interviews are now available as a 12-part webcast, a 12-part podcast, a newly released book and a 60-minute documentary.

Check out the Legacy Interviews.





Member-Led Content

Our members are experts in their fields and are the best people to teach others about how to combat ageism and drive forward age inclusion. Do you have an idea for a Generations article or a Members Only Event promoting age inclusion? If so, pitch us.

Pitch a Generations article or a Members Only Event.





Your Organization Belongs at ASA

Your organizational membership allows for all of your employees to learn more about what it means to be age inclusive. We know that we cannot effect change without your participation.

Explore Organizational Membership options here.