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Beyond Generations

Beyond Generations

Beyond Generations, featuring both webcasts and podcasts, explores insights and amplifies voices by delving deeper into topics aligned to our Generations publications through an equity lens.

Beyond Generations with Gilead

New Podcast Series with Gilead

Aging with HIV: Understanding the Journey

Join Gilead Sciences and the American Society on Aging for a series of conversations about caring for older adults living with HIV. By 2030, up to 70% of people living with HIV will be older than age 50. This podcast series covers the opportunities to improve care for those who are aging with HIV—from educating healthcare professionals to ensuring social workers have the resources they need—and examines the experiences of overlooked HIV communities.


Read the Generations Today issue on Living and Aging with HIV.


Episode 1

Episode 1: Challenges and Approaches to HIV Care for Older Adults

Caring for older adults—specifically those older than age 50—who are living with HIV calls for increasing access to services and care coordination. HealthHIV’s Pozitively Aging program works to improve the quality of life for those aging with HIV. Scott Bertani, Director of Public Policy at HealthHIV, sits down with Beyond Generations to discuss his article in the Gilead-sponsored Generations Today on how Pozitively Aging addresses obstacles and solutions to HIV care.

Read the Generations Today article on Challenges and Strategies in HIV Care for Older Adults.

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Episode 2

Episode 2: The Experiences of Black Men Aging with HIV/AIDS

People living with HIV have historically faced social isolation and stigma from society, however, Black men in particular have faced unique challenges while aging with HIV. Joe Robinson from THRIVE SS sits down with special guest host Raymond A. Jetson from Aging While Black to discuss his role as lead program manager of The Silver Lining Project, a program that aims to create a safe space where older Black men living with HIV can share, discuss and advocate for issues impacting their community.

Read the Generations Today article on Distinguished Black Men and Their Long Road of Survivorship.

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Episode 3

Episode 3: How Hispanic/Latinx Communities Aging with HIV/AIDS Have Been Overlooked

More than one in every five older adults living with HIV is Hispanic/Latinx. This population living with HIV is a rapidly expanding demographic, and yet they face unique hurdles in accessing healthcare and treatment. Often they have been related to language barriers, but such hurdles also are compounded by feelings of depression and social isolation. Luis Nava Molero from the Latino Commission on AIDS sits down with National Skills Coalition CEO Robert Espinoza to discuss the vulnerabilities of Hispanic/Latinx communities aging with HIV and how they have been overlooked time and again.

Read the Generations Today article, Still in the Shadows: The Health Crisis of Hispanic/Latinx Communities Aging with HIV/AIDS.

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Upcoming Episodes

Episode 4: How The Denver Principles Are Relevant for Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS
July 26, 2024

Episode 5: Educating Healthcare Workers on Caring for People Living and Aging with HIV/AIDS
August 9, 2024

Episode 6: Giving Social Workers What They Need to Serve Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS
August 23, 2024



Beyond Generations Summit Webcast Series

Promoting Mental Health Equity as We Age Through Trauma and Resilience Lenses

Trauma-informed care and resilience are emerging as important paradigms to address the pervasiveness of psychological challenges across the life cycle and their association to mitigate significant adverse mental health consequences for older adults. To achieve mental health equity, in which all people have the opportunity for better mental and physical wellbeing, it is crucial that we promote psychological resilience as a key factor in improving mental health outcomes and attenuating psychosocial trauma in older adults, especially those from marginalized communities.

This series of webcasts from the Beyond Generations Summit at On Aging 2024 previews content from the Spring 2024 Generations Journal on Mental Health, Aging, and Resilience.




Episode 1: Generations Journal Spring Issue Preview—Mental Health, Aging, and Resilience


Episode 1 Additional Resources:
Presentation | Generations Article


Episode 2: Post-Traumatic Growth and Aging


Episode 2 Additional Resources:
Presentation | Generations Article


Episode 3: Building Trust and Connection: The Intersection of Trauma-Informed Care and Cultural Humility in Clinical Settings


Episode 3 Additional Resources:
Presentation | Generations Article


Episode 4: Trauma-Informed Principles in Conducting Research with Older Latinos


Episode 4 Additional Resources:
Presentation | Generations Article


Episode 5: Give an Hour: Promoting Mental Health Equity Through Trauma & Resilience


Episode 4 Additional Resources:
Presentation | Generations Article


Beyond Generations with Edward Jones

Podcast Series with Edward Jones

The Keys to Financial Success and Promoting Long, Healthy and Productive Lives for Everyone

Join Edward Jones and ASA for in-depth conversations about how to build a foundation for financial success for all. By providing all generations of Americans with the financial knowledge and resources needed to succeed, we can empower more to lead longer, healthier and more productive lives.



Episode 1

Episode 1: Building Financial Resilience Across the Lifespan

Generations are defined less by age than by shared experiences. From Gen Z to the Silent Generation, each group has unique needs, desires and challenges—particularly when it comes to finances. Lena Haas, head of Wealth Management Advice and Solutions at Edward Jones, discusses her firm’s efforts to better understand each generation to help them plan and reach their life goals.

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Episode 2

Episode 2: Seizing Opportunities and Bridging the Wealth Gap

The wealth gap in America is real—and it represents the impact of systemic and institutional racism spanning four centuries in the United States. Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe explores potential solutions to narrow this financial divide and improve the lives of millions.

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Episode 3

Episode 3: The Importance of Financial Education to Build Financial Strength

Financial advice and education are critical components for building a stable financial future, yet many lack access to these tools. Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe discusses her firm’s efforts to grow financial knowledge and build long-lasting financial strength—not just for Edward Jones clients, but for everyone.

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Episode 4

Episode 4: Promoting Healthier Futures to End Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease impacting more than 6 million Americans. It also is among the most expensive diseases, with a lifetime cost of care of more than $390,000. Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe shares insights into protecting health and wealth and discusses the firm’s efforts to end Alzheimer’s.

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Episode 5

Episode 5: Helping Women Thrive in Retirement

Women investors have unique needs and considerations when it comes to managing retirement, Social Security benefits and their finances. While flexibility is important, having a structured financial strategy is essential. Lena Haas, head of Wealth Management Advice and Solutions at Edward Jones, discusses how women can best prepare for retirement.

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Episode 6

Episode 6: Financial Empowerment for Women

Lena Haas, head of Wealth Management Advice and Solutions at Edward Jones, explores the benefits of building financial knowledge and strength for women. She discusses the importance of being involved in financial decision-making, how an emergency fund can be an empowering tool, bridging the retirement gap between men and women and how to make the most of a longer life expectancy.

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