A National Collaboratory Unites to Defeat Elder Abuse

America is becoming more aware of its aging population, and is evolving to be more “age-friendly.” But our nation’s older adults who fall prey to elder abuse remain largely unrecognized and uncared for. Why?

Older people experiencing elder mistreatment are much less likely to seek help due to impairments, shame and isolation—or because they are dependent upon a caregiver, who may be the abuser. And because of pervasive ageism, even clinicians may not reflexively respond to elder mistreatment with the urgency usually directed toward suspected child abuse.

ASA’s Spring 2020 issue of Generations, “Taking Action Against Elder Mistreatment,” features Rebecca Stoeckle’s and Scott Bane’s article, The National Collaboratory on Elder Mistreatment,” which describes the development of the National Collaboratory on Elder Mistreatment, a joint initiative of the Education Development Center, The John A. Hartford Foundation, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

The Collaboratory’s model uses the hospital emergency room as the point of entry and details benchmarks in the field of elder mistreatment prior to the creation of the Elder Mistreatment Emergency Department Care Model, which is undergoing feasibility testing at six sites nationwide, with results expected by early 2021.

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As an extra bonus, ASA is kicking off a podcast series called Bylines, which offers audio conversations with select authors from issues of Generations and other esteemed author/experts in the field of aging. Moderated by ASA CEO Peter Kaldes, the first podcast in the series is Bylines: The National Collaboratory on Elder Mistreatment, and features Spring 2020 Generations authors Rebecca Stoeckle and Scott Bane talking about their article The National Collaboratory on Elder Mistreatment.”


The American Society on Aging (ASA), The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Education Development Center (EDC) present the Spring 2020 issue of ASA’s Generations, “Taking Action Against Elder Mistreatment.” The issue offers powerful action strategies and effective models against elder mistreatment and is a roadmap for clinicians and care providers who want to prevent such abuse and to forge treatment programs that yield successful results.

As the response to elder mistreatment gathers force and momentum, especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASA and The John A. Hartford Foundation offer free access to “Taking Action Against Elder Mistreatment.”

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