Wednesday, March 25 (AiA Workshops)

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Wednesday, March 25

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Aging in Community

A WISH for Seniors: Improving Aging in the Community

Aligning Systems of Care: Partnerships Between AAAs, Homeless Services and Supportive Housing

Bringing HIV Into the National Aging Mainstream

Connecting Beyond Conversation: Using a Dementia-Friendly Practice and Techniques to Facilitate Storytelling and Reminiscing Between Generations

Considering the Unique Needs of Older Adults in Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery Efforts

Diamonds in the Ruff: Understanding and Responding to the Role of Pets in the Lives of Diverse Older Adults

Elder Abuse in 2020

Evaluation of Senior Community Centers in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania

Filling Service Gaps for Older Minnesotans With Local Expertise: An Innovative and Collaborative Grant Program to Help People Age in the Community

Here to Stay: Empowering Older Adults to Maintain Their Homes for a Lifetime

Improving Health With Public Transportation and Housing

Lessons From the Field: Home Modification Service Delivery Innovations of the Aging Network

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities in Diverse Settings

Paring Down to Better Serve: Focusing on Depth Versus Breadth of Services to Support Diverse Older Adults

Purposeful Aging Los Angeles: An Age-Friendly Action Plan to Make Social and Physical Environments More Reflective of Older Adults

Staying Mobile and Independent: How Older Adults Manage Mobility Changes as They Age

Texercise: Supporting Healthy Aging in Texas

Two Movements, One Road Map: Becoming an Age-Friendly and Dementia-Friendly Community

Unretire Yourself: Supporting the Growing Number of Older Adults Coming Out of Retirement

Your Public Library, Your Community Connection

Business & Leadership

Corps of Accomplished Professionals (CAPS) and Students and Emerging Professionals (STEP) Shared Learning and Mentoring

Developing Pipelines and Lattices: Recruitment and Retention in Long-Term Care

Working After 50: Challenges and Opportunities


A Public Health Approach to Caregiving: Insights and Strategies From CDC's Healthy Brain Road Map

Best-Practice Caregiving: Guiding Organizations to Dementia Programs for Family Caregivers

Caregiving's Core: Direct Care Workers and Family Caregivers

Community-Based Services for Dementia: A Continuum of Care Model

Empowering Dementia Care Partners to COPE: Evidence-Based Community Practice

Family Caregiving in Rural America: Innovative Services Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Rural Caregivers

Preparing the Direct Care Workforce in Dementia Care: Policy and Practice Priorities

Resilient Rural Hospice Workers: Who Are They?

Sandwich Generation Family Caregivers: America's Next Political Force for Families

When All That's Left Is Love: A Documentary Film About Alzheimer's Caregivers

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Adjusting Advance Care Planning for Diversity

AARP Research: What We've Learned and How We Support Multicultural LGBT Older Adults

Engaging Locally in Multicultural Communities: How We Do It and What We Need to Know

How Aging Groups Can Align to Meet Shared Goals

Increasing Visibility and Pushing Through Resistance: Helping Immigrant Older Adults Access Services and Receive Care

Informal Support Experiences Among Older African-American Gay Men Living With HIV/AIDS

Promoting LGBT-Inclusive Long-Term Care in Your Community

Sex at the Supreme Court: A Story About Sex, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Working Together to Raise the Rainbow Flag: It Takes a Village

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

2020 and the Next 20 Years of Ombudsman Advocacy

Accelerating Impact With 1:1 Evidence-Based Programs

Age-Related Vision Loss and Cognitive Decline: A Complex and Critical Connection

Fostering Hospital and Community Collaboration: Building Coalitions Across the System for Seamless Patient Experience

Innovative Strategies to Reach Diverse Elders: Using Age-Tastic to Improve Health and Well-Being

Interprofessional Initiative for a Community-Based Balance and Fall Prevention Program

Newly Approved Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs: Exciting Opportunities to Promote Healthy Aging

Pathways to Medical Case Management: A County AAA's Approach to Integrative and Preventative Programs

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Building a Medical-Financial Partnership: Linking Financial Capability to Improved Health Outcomes

Privacy and Security: What CBO Leaders Should Know to Protect Their Agencies, Consumers and Staff

Texas Health Community Impact: A Data-Driven Cross-Sector Initiative to Address Health Disparities

The Expanding and Innovative Role of Community-Based Organizations in Health Reform

Law & Aging

Taking Action: Assisting Older Victims of Financial Fraud

Ten Things to Look for When Signing a Power of Attorney

The Difficult Client: Part 2

The Value of Pooled Trusts

Lifelong Learning & Engagement

Art, Wellness and Vital Involvement in Aging: Engaging Creativity

Creativity and Purpose: Using the Arts to Reduce Social Isolation in Diverse Older Adults

Fill the Volunteer Void: Tools and Tactics to Engage Older Adults

Intergenerational Learning Re-imagined: From Research to Innovative Practice Approaches

Technology-Based Platforms to Address Social Isolation, Loneliness, Lifelong Learning and Aging in Place

The Jury Is in: The Latest on Music Participation and Quality of Life of Older Adults

Mental Health

Community-Based Organizations' Experience Serving Older Adults' In the Midst of the Opioid Crisis

Integrating Health and Social Care: Consensus Study Implications for the Eldercare Workforce

Leveraging Federal Funding to Support Nursing Home Behavioral Health Care and Community Transition

Mental Health and Aging Advocacy: A Critical Component in Addressing Older Adult Behavioral Health Needs

Policy Barriers to Mental Health Billing: Organizing a Response

Serious Mental Illness and Aging: Experiences From a Geriatric Unit's Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy 101: Tips and Tools to Make Your Voice Heard

Beltway Insiders Round-Up: What You Need to Know About Aging Policy Now

Ethical Issues Related to Vulnerable Elders

Medicaid Under Siege: The Impact of New Medicaid Waiver Requirements on Older Adults

Perceptions of Marijuana Policy in the Aging U.S. Population: Do Older Adults Say "Nope" to Dope?

Reframing Aging for Effective Advocacy

Testing an Innovative Program to Prevent Adult Self-Neglect: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Threats to the Health and Economic Security of Diverse Older Adults: Current Federal Proposals and Advocacy Opportunities

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

Memory Sunday, Memory Cafes, Music, and Beyond: Building a Dementia-Friendly Faith Community

Reimagining End of Life: Transforming Our Collective Experience Around Death, Dying and Living

The New Death and Dying: Changing Times and the Role of the End-of-Life Specialist

Why and How to Provide Spiritual Care to Older Adults With Dementia

Technology & Innovation

Community-Wide Technology Supported Innovation: Enabling Aging in Community for All Ages and Abilities

Creative Aging Without Walls: Wellness at Your Doorstep

Intervention to Innovation: Implementing Scalable and Sustainable Technology-Enabled Solutions for Older Adults

Lights, Camera, Interaction! How to Engage Diverse Audiences With Video on Social Media

Living Environments: Age-Friendly Innovations From Places to Spaces

Technology Without Walls

Telehealth Intervention Programs for Seniors: Making Business Sense on the Way Toward Sustainability

Telehealth: Now and Next